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Making multilingual Wikis a reality

Presentation by Niklas Laxström and Claus Christensen

About us



In this talk

  • Mediawiki + Translate extension
  • Content translation
  • Why we can't do without
  • The future

The goal:

Do not waste translators' time

Example: normal free software translation is a pain

Translating the wiki way: if it is not as easy and quick as editing a wiki, you lose most translations

Translators should only do what they are best at

Translating a wiki is not "wiki" at all

Content translation in the old way is still a pain

Create complex templates that show list of translated versions

Translators copy&paste English text, translate

Problematic links

It's alive!

  • Source pages and translations are disconnected and not coordinated
  • Updating translations is next to impossible, time sink
Translate extension to the rescue

Implementation on KDE wikis

  • Install to one wiki with my help
  • Migrate pages over to the new system
  • Craft guidelines
  • Gather feedback and bug reports from translators
  • Fix bugs and adding features (Sprints!)

The translators workflow

New or modified units are shown in the Special:LanguageStats page

The translation page displays all units on a translatable page

Click on the unit you want to translate, translate it, click save

Authoring handbooks on UserBase

Where are we now?

Hundreds of pages in translation

Some issues left

New features coming in

Need to upgrade MediaWiki and Translate

Future of Translate extension


#mediawiki-i18n and #kde-www @ Freenode - KDE Finnish translation sprint

Thank you