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kgui-0.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) Ap 17, 1999
Yet another KDE GUI Builder (238362 bytes)
krumple-0.2.tgz (LSM entry) Jan 16, 2000
Generate a self-installing multi-platform executable package complete with a GUI from a gzipped tar of the source package. The installer is compatible with kiss - the KDE Installation SyStem (26860 bytes)
kvkbase-0.1.7.tar.gz (LSM entry) Mar 12, 2000
VisKProg base tools (translators and scripts) (312806 bytes)
kvkide-0.1.7.tar.gz (LSM entry) Mar 12, 2000
First programs of the VisKProg IDE (345505 bytes)
quanta-0.97.tar.gz (LSM entry) Mar 7, 2000
Quanta+ is HTML editor for KDE with built-in preview capability (466451 bytes)

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