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Brahms-0.97.2.tar.gz (LSM entry) Nov 9, 1999
Brahms is a sequencer and music notaion program with several editing methods (390148 bytes) May 18, 1998
amyst sounds (371512 bytes)
arts-0.3.4.tar.gz (LSM entry) Sep 29, 1999
Modular software synthesizer, generates realtime audio stream, midi-support, easily extendable, uses CORBA for seperation of gui and synthesis, KDE gui (668153 bytes)
kblade-0.0.7-2.tgz (LSM entry) May 6, 1999
Graphical frontend to BladeEnc for KDE (MP3 Encoder) (181141 bytes)
kderadio-0.3.3.tar.gz (LSM entry) Jan 23, 1999
radio application (155440 bytes)
kguitune-0.3.tar.gz (LSM entry) Mar 15, 2000
Program for tuning guitars or other instruments (155291 bytes)
kjukebox-0.3.2.tar.gz (LSM entry) Jun 25, 1999
Mp3 database and player (511750 bytes)
kmikmod-2.04.tgz (LSM entry) Ap 22, 1999
Multithreaded KDE moduleplayer based on mikmod (536040 bytes)
kmp3db-0.6.tgz (LSM entry) Ap 26, 2000
kmp3db lets you search easily through all your mp3 files (165857 bytes)
kmp3info-0.1.tar.bz2 (LSM entry) Dec 9, 1999
kmpg-0.5.4.tar.gz (LSM entry) Mar 11, 2000
MPG Player for KDE (1022628 bytes)
kradio-2.18.tar.gz (LSM entry) Jul 14, 1998
radio app (12419 bytes)
ksidplayer-0.52-1.tar.gz (LSM entry) Oct 6, 1998
Control Panel for the miroMEDIA Surround Dolby Pro Logic decoder (451859 bytes)
ksoundrecord-0.5.tar.gz (LSM entry) Mar 6, 2000
Frontend for sox, sound-record and lame record wav-files and encode it (259991 bytes)
ksoundsys-0.0.36.tar.gz (LSM entry) Jun 7, 2000
sound manipulator (202601 bytes)
ksrnd-0.97.tar.gz (LSM entry) Jan 27, 2000
KDE Control Panel for the miroMEDIA Surround Dolby Pro Logic decoder (245656 bytes)
kstereo-1.0.tar.gz (LSM entry) May 17, 1999
KStereo is a combination of an x-y-oscilloscope and a stereo channel correlation meter (165049 bytes)
ksynth-0.2.1.tgz (LSM entry) Jul 5, 1998
synthesizer (177090 bytes)
ktuner-0.6.tar.gz (LSM entry) Oct 1, 1999
put (186099 bytes)
kvoicecontrol-0.17.tar.gz (LSM entry) Ap 22, 1999
voicecontrol gives the user voice control over unix commands via speech recognition (231107 bytes)
libkmid-0.9.5.tar.bz2 (LSM entry) Jan 18, 2000
MIDI library to use any MIDI device (221838 bytes)
mmm-0.0.3.tar.gz (LSM entry) May 18, 1999
Realtime software synthesizer and sound processor with realtime user interaction, KDE GUI editor, command line player. (503908 bytes)
sf-0.1.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) Aug 11, 1999
Sonic Flow is a C++ library for constructing audio dataflow networks from blocks and wires. A chorus/flanger, parametric EQ (1088667 bytes)
tfmxcess-2.7.1.tgz (LSM entry) May 8, 2000
thud-0.1.tar.gz (LSM entry) Jun 25, 1999
A simple drum machine built with 8 WAV-triggering channels. (258409 bytes)

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