Installation : 

 I have included a installation file in the package, but if it doesn't work, run the regCom.bat file

First move the atl.dll and MSVBVM60.dll ( MSVBVM60.dll is only needed if you want the run the visual basic files)  to windows system directory ( usually c:\Windows\system)

then move the MySQLDB.dll, MySQlDB.lib, libmysql.dll , libmysql.lib to any directory you want to.


If you move the atl.dll to windows sytem directory and   MySQLDB.dll, MySQlDB.lib, libmysql.dll , libmysql.lib  to c:\App then change the following line from regCom.atl

\windows\system\regsvr32.exe \windows\system\Atl.dll

\windows\system\regsvr32.exe \windows\system\MySQLDB.dll


\windows\system\regsvr32.exe \windows\system\Atl.dll

\windows\system\regsvr32.exe C:\App\MySQLDB.dll

Then run regCom.bat. That should register all the components that are needed