Swarm App Archive

How to contribute

To submit a Swarm application that you want to share through this ftp repository, please follow the file naming conventions of the LSM archiving system, with just a little wrinkle to match the Swarm needs, as described in this document: SwarmLSMNames.html

Please submit an lsm file with your project. An lsm file is a flat text file that gives author/version information. There is a template for lsm files here LSM-TEMPLATE and there is a longer, older description of the LSM scheme here LSM.README

What you can get here

Programs are divided according to the language in which they are written. So far, we have apps in Java and Objective-C. Within those categories, programs are further divided as follows.

  1. sdg. Indicates that this is written by SDG or that our members are dedicated to making sure it will run with current versions of Swarm. If a program is in here, it means that some SDG board member is willing to try to make it work against newer editions of Swarm, if it does not already.
  2. contrib. These are contributions from Swarm users, many of which work. :) Formerly, we were separating contrib into two subsections, "evaluated" and "anarchy". We are not making that distinction now. Some of these were written by Swarm Development Team members in the past, and they are not in the sdg category because nobody is making a "blood oath" to maintain them (keep them up to date, perform bug fixes, etc). In the contrib directory, one finds many workable, useful models.

Please note as well that there are directories called obsoleted that hold older versions of these programs. There may also be directories named testing. Guess what might be in there :)

Last updated November 15, 2001
Paul Johnson