This a major update to the set of binary packages to build Swarm applications on MacOS X.

These packages support the compilation of heatbugs, mousetrap, jheatbugs, jmousetrap and ASM. Please let us know what else they support and what breaks.

This package supports Java 1.4.2.

Operating System and Developer tools.
You must have MacOS X 10.3.x (Panther). You need the Apple X11 from the Panther install disks. You will also need the Xcode 1.5, Apple Java 1.4.2 and the Apple Java 1.4.2 Development Kit. All the Developer tools are available as free downloads from You will need to sign up on ADC (no charge). Panther developer tools will probably do instead.
You will probably need a modified or newer Apple compiler than that supplied with Xcode1.5.

Two compilers are provided here:
1) gcc-4020.pkg.sit (***necessary to provide libffi for the current libraries)
This compiler is built from Apple CVS sources for gcc-4.0 pre-release as at 22 November 2004. Unlike normal Apple compilers, this one includes Fortran 95, libffi and the GNU Objective-C runtime (libobjc-gnu). Other than these extras, the code is unmodified.

This first compiler installs in addition to the Xcode compilers. It will probably be damaged by reinstalling Xcode. It cannot easily be made the system default. Invoke it as gcc-4.0.

2) gcc_os-1555_3.3.1.pkg.sit (Recommended)
This compiler has been compiled from Apple code as at March 2004. Hopefully it is a prerelease version of the compiler that will be used with the next MacOS X release. This code has not been modified by us, but will have had very little testing. It seems to be better than the normal compiler, but there are no guarantees.

The second compiler replaces the gcc-3.3 supplied with Xcode. It can be removed by reinstalling Xcode.

If you are new, download and install the following libraries and utilities from this directory:

The packages are in Apple package format and after unstuffing, they install by simply double clicking. An Administrator login is required. For those limited to command line access, please read man pax.

Please note the ReadMe files concerning necessary environment variables.

You should now be able to compile working Swarm code using the standard Swarm makefile.

Please Note:
1. These packages include only dynamic libraries. The use of static libraries on MacOS X is not encouraged.
2. These are packages for MacOS X not Fink. If you have Fink installed they may not work. I recommend that you remove it.

Comments please to Please check the archives before posting to avoid duplication.

Bill Northcott
19 Feb 2005